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Wanpu Industrial Products Co., Ltd is one of the leading paper manufacturer and exporter located in Hunan, China. For many years rapid development, we have grown to a professional supplier for a wide range of paper & packaging products. Our products include Packaging & Food Wrapping paper, Gift paper, Fruit paper bag, Office & Printing paper, etc. We not only have our own production line, but also engage in cooperative production with other manufacturers. Therefore, we are able to provide various kinds of products, including specialty paper and ensure high quality, short lead time simultaneously. 

We adhere to our principle of customers first. For any question that our customers would have, we provide prompt feedback and appropriate solution. And for any requirement that our customers would express, we do our utmost to meet their needs. Our main advantage is to develop new products in accordance with customer's demand. Hence our company has great innovation ability and can tailor our products to individual customer.  

Value: We believe in treating our customer with respect and faith, and always consider customer's needs as our first priority. 

Goal: To provide best quality products and enhanced services with the most competitive price. 

Vision: To integrate honesty, integrity, loyalty and ethics into all aspects of our business. And become a trustworthy, innovative and professional supplier in paper & packaging industry.